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National Powersports Financing is Canada’s #1 Choice 

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Don't let your current credit situation stand in your way!

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If You Can DREAM It, We Can FINANCE It.

There's A Reason We're #1 In Powersports Financing.

It only took 8 hours for National Powersports Financing to get me approved, from start to finish! With my credit history, I never thought anyone would approve me for a loan, but they got it done for me. Thank you!


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We Can Get You Approved!

Whether you've already got your eye on an awesome new toy, or have just started browsing the market, nothing feels better than knowing you've been approved for financing.  Our speciality is securing loans for people just like you, and nobody approves more loans than National Powersports Financing!






How To Apply

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete our QUICK APPLICATION and start the approval process. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Bad Credit...Will I Qualify?

We specialize in dealing with clients who have credit issues. Many applicants will qualify with no downpayment. We have a very high ratio of clients that are approved very quickly.

I Am Self Employed & It's Difficult For Me To Prove My Income. Is This a Problem?

Absolutely not. We are very easy to deal with and have many OUTSIDE OF THE BOX ways that we will allow as proof of income.

How Does The Approval Process Work?

It’s a very simple 4 step process. 1. Application: You can complete the basic application here….or call us and we can complete the application together to get pre-approval. 2. After we receive the pre-approval we will need to verify your income. This is usually nothing more than a recent pay-stub. Once we have your income verified, you are ready to go shopping!!! 3. You can now shop with confidence. Once you have negotiated your best deal with either a dealer of your choice or a private seller, you will need to provide us with a copy of the “Bill of Sale” if it's a dealer sale...Or a copy of the “Ownership” if it's a private sale. We can then begin to complete the necessary paperwork. 4. Once we have received the signed contract and completed paperwork, we will transfer the funds to pay for your purchase.

What Will My Interest Rate Be?

The interest rate will vary from client to client. Some clients have a better credit history than others, therefore they are entitled to a better interest rate. As soon as we have a pre-approval, we will be able to review your interest rate, payments and the amount that you are approved for. Generally our interest rates are only slightly higher than a mainstream bank.

How Long Does The Process Take?

We can complete the file very quickly. Most often this depends on how quickly you can find the right unit and how quickly you can provide us the required paperwork. A normal deal takes about 4 days to complete. We can complete a deal faster if required.

Do You Collect My Down-Payment?

NO! We never collect any money directly from the client. Any down-payment will always go to the dealer or the private seller for the purchase.